• Your new doctor, patient relationship.

    Simple, Convenient, One-to-One

Strengthening the doctor-patient relationship through convenience, mobility, and autonomy.


Doctors and patients communicate directly, privately, and securely on terms and availability set by their individual doctor(s).

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Connecting doctors and patients for personal, fee-based one-to-one consultations.

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Connecting patients to their doctor for health care consultations and augmenting that relationship between scheduled office visits.

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Developed by a doctor for doctors and patients

e-Consult My Doctor enhances and protects the doctor-patient relationship while giving doctor’s direct control over their availability.

Personalized Health Record (PHR).

Patients are given a portable health record they maintain as a supplemental health care record.  This complements your doctor’s records and helps to improve the accuracy of information and the communication between multiple doctor visits.

Anytime, anywhere.

Consultations requested with a simple smartphone app;  doctors and patients connect based on doctor-defined terms, pricing, and availability.

Concierge service for established patients.

Established patients receive prompt attention and personalized consultations from the doctor they prefer and trust.

Immediate, direct-pay arrangements.

Doctors define their own pricing and receive immediate, direct payment from the patient without involvement of third-party payers.

Remove barriers.

We remove the barriers that stand between doctors and patients today through a simple and mutually beneficial mobile solution that keeps the healthcare dialog where it belongs, in the doctor-patient relationship.

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