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Doctors offer fee-based e-consultations to their patients through a convenient, secure, and simple smartphone app – designed by a doctor for doctors.

Connecting doctors and patients for personal, fee-based one-to-one consultations.

Accessibility is always controlled by the doctor.
It’s as simple as responding to an email or a text message.

As the healthcare landscape rapidly changes, many factors threaten the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.  New barriers to patient satisfaction plus steeper productivity and outcome goals will place greater demands on your schedule and work-life balance.

 Through the ease and elegance of a smartphone app, e-Consult My Doctor protects your patient relationships and generates personal income for you while keeping you in direct control over how much extra availability you offer to your patient base.

Your extra time and effort is always rewarded – through fee-based consultations and satisfied patients.

  • Doctors are likely to retain their regular-paying patients because patients perceive that more of the personal care they want is available from their preferred doctor.

  • Patients will appreciate having quick and easy access to their doctor…

    • To clarify information received in the last office visit.

    • To check on potential drug interaction or symptom concerns.

    • To inquire about a minor injury and to be advised whether a visit to urgent care is necessary.

    • To ask their preferred doctor a question during the busy work day without having to schedule or to take time off for an office visit.
  • Special, doctor-defined access designed to protect the trusted doctor-patient relationship.

  • Doctors directly manage their personal availability for e-consults – patients can request consultations only during hours set by the doctor.  Doctors can modify their availability at any time as their schedules and their willingness to be available for consultations may vary for work or personal reasons.

  • Doctors determine who in the patient base can use the service to request consultations.  A doctor can offer the service to as many or to as few patients as they prefer.

  • Doctors are likely to retain their regular-paying patients because they give patients the sense that personal care is more accessible with their preferred doctor.
  • e-Consult My Doctor offers a direct income model for doctors while providing a pay-as-you-go service for patients.

  • Doctors are paid up front by the patient and there are no third-party payers involved.  Patients pay electronically by credit card or PayPal at the time they request a consultation.

  • Payments are sent immediately to the doctor by the e-Consult My Doctor app.  There are no additional billing or collections activities to manage.

  • Doctors are paid immediately for an e-consultation because the patient payment is processed before the consult request is delivered to the doctor.

  • Patients who use e-Consult My Doctor receive an electronic Personal Health Record they use to manage the details of a consultation, to bring information with them to an office visit, and to store additional health information to serve as a memory aid during office visits and to enhance in-office communication.

  • Doctors decide how broadly or narrowly to market the e-Consult My Doctor mobile app and service to patients.

  • For very broad distribution, the service can be marketed in at check in, waiting rooms, statements, newsletters, web site, appoint confirmation emails, and in-person by nurses and the doctor during office visits as well placard, flyers, and handouts.

  • Patient enrollment is easy: Download the app, set up the patient account and profile, and receive the doctor’s acceptance of the enrollment request.
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