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Conveniently connecting doctors and patients for one-to-one, fee-based e-consultations through a safe, secure smartphone mobile app.

Simple, secure access to doctor-patient communication without third party involvement.

Terms, fees and availability are directly managed by the doctor.

E-Consult My Doctor is the perfect solution for a primary care physician:  family doctors, internists, pediatricians, and various other specialties like dermatologists, as well as OB/GYN.  Our smartphone mobile app enables doctors to manage direct communications with patients without the use of more complex EHR tools or dependence upon insurance carriers for authorization and payment.  Subspecialists will find this to be a fantastic approach to offering concierge access for minor consultative issues between office visits.  Other healthcare professionals can also benefit from the one-to-one secure access: dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, etc.

As changes escalate in healthcare, doctors find it more challenging to provide the level of care and attention they want to provide and that has been so vital to sustaining patient satisfaction and retention.  At the same time, patients will find options and doctor attention to become more limited.  Both will find themselves navigating a more complex and paper work intensive system in order to communicate the way they used to.

E-Consult My Doctor restores the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship by keeping choice, options, and communication where it should be – in the hands of doctors and patients.

  • Doctors always directly manage their personal availability for e-consults – patients can request consultations only during hours set by the doctor.  Doctors can modify their availability at any time as their schedules and their willingness to be available for consultations may vary for either work or personal reasons.

  • To clarify information received at the last office visit.

  • To ask about potential drug interaction concern.

  • To find out whether a minor injury requires a visit to urgent care for more immediate attention.

  • To ask the pediatrician about a rash or bug bite that showed up on the weekend.

  • To ask the primary care physician or  subspecialist a question during a busy day at the workplace that may not necessarily require an office visit.
  • Patients who use e-Consult My Doctor are provided with a personal health record (PHR) they use to manage the information received during an e-consult.

  • Because the PHR is accessed securely by the e-Consult My Doctor mobile app, the PHR goes with them to the next office visit, too.
  • When a patient initiates an e-consult with a doctor, the patient agrees to pay for the e-consult up front before the question is submitted to the doctor.

  • When the e-consult request is delivered to the doctor, the doctor may:

    • Agree to accept the e-consult request (by this time, the payment to the doctor has already been processed), or

    • Ask for more information or clarification.  The doctor may ask the patient for additional information that may be needed to complete the e-consult, or

    • Decline and refund the e-consult request.
  • Doctors decide how broadly or narrowly to market the e-Consult My Doctor mobile app and service to patients.

  • For very broad distribution, the service can be marketed at check in, in waiting rooms, statements, newsletters, web site, appointment confirmation emails, and in-person by nurses and the doctor during office visits as well as on placards, flyers, and handouts distributed in the office.

  • Patient enrollment in three easy steps: Download the app, create patient account, and receive the doctor’s acceptance of the enrollment request.  Patients are now able to request e-consultations according to doctor availability as controlled by the doctor’s personal settings.
  • All data is encrypted and stored securely.

  • Doctors and patients access information only through a secure smartphone app with encrypted data transmission (SSL, 256-bit encryption) — which is the same security banks use to protect financial information.
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