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An e-consult is a secure question-and-answer dialog through a mobile app initiated by a patient with their preferred doctor whom they already know and trust.

e-Consult My Doctor provides a secure, one-to-one dialog between patient and doctor.

It’s like having personal, direct access to a doctor during the specific times the doctor has offered to be available.

Designed by a doctor for both doctors and patients, we enhance the doctor-patient relationship through one-to-one communication, customized availability, and care options that increase satisfaction for both doctor and patient.

An e-consultation works similarly to sending an email or text message. However, because traditional text messages are not secure and are not HIPAA-compliant, the messaging system in our mobile app carries this conversation in a private, secure, and HIPAA-compliant manner.

Another way to think about healthcare e-consulting is to compare it to a healthcare concierge service.  A concierge healthcare service is one where doctors require sizeable up-front annual fees (approximately $1,000 to $2,000) and in return deliver care to patients who want VIP service and who can afford this additional cost.  Patients who purchase a concierge service are typically very satisfied with the extra attention, service, personal access, and convenience that this healthcare model provides.

The key difference between e-Consult My Doctor and a typical concierge service is that with e-Consult My Doctor, patients pay-as-they-go and are not required to pay hefty up-front annual fees.  This allows a doctor’s existing regularly paying patient base to remain with their benefits provider yet still connect with their doctor between office visits for value-added consultations they are willing to pay for directly (no third party payers required).  Doctors are permitted to set pricing and availability in such a way that it makes sense for both doctor and patient — parameters that can be changed at any time.

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