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Connecting patients to their doctor(s) for health care consultations between scheduled office visits.

Special, personal access to your preferred and trusted doctor.

As easy as sending a text message or an email – your questions are delivered privately and securely.

  • As easy to initiate as making a phone call or sending an email or text message.  Get quick advice from a trusted source.  No need to schedule an appointment or work through insurance to request an immediate consultation with your doctor.

  • Patients will appreciate having direct, personal access to their doctor

    • To clarify information received in the last office visit.

    • To check on potential drug reactions or symptom concerns.

    • To inquire about a minor injury and to be advised whether a visit to urgent care is necessary.

    • To ask their preferred doctor a question during the busy work day without having to schedule or to take time off for an office visit.

  • A personal health record (PHR) is a “mini” health record the complments your complete health record at your doctor’s office.

  • The Personal Health Record:

    • Provides immediate access to important medical information.

    • Stores and makes accessible the information you may need at your next office visit or whenever you need it.

    • Moves with you and is accessible wherever you have Internet access or off-line. It can be printed, too, if you need a hard copy.

    • Available “on the fly” when you go to urgent care or to the emergency room.

    • Serves as a reminder of information covered at your last appointment.

    • Accompanies you on vacations or business trips.

    • Smooths the transition to a new doctor when you move to a new area.

    • Delivers health maintenance reminders for vaccinations and follow-ups.

    • Issues appointment reminders.

  • Contains the following vital medical information.

    • Medication list (both prescription and over-the-counter).

    • Medicine allergy list.

    • Major diagnoses and surgical history list.

  • Safe and secure.

    • All data is encrypted and stored securely.

    • Accessible anytime on your secure smartphone app with encrypted communications (SSL, 256-bit encryption) — which is the same security banks use to protect financial information.

  • Patient enrollment is easy: Download the app, set up your account profile, and receive your doctor’s acceptance of your enrollment request.

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