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I want to Consult My Doctor – how app began


Simple, Convenient, One-to-One

For fifteen years now, a career in Family Medicine has given me wonderful relationships with my patients.  I love the wide variety of patients who choose to consult with me for their health care and say “you are my doctor.”  I am intrigued at the opportunity to assess their diagnostic needs, strive to relieve the suffering of their illnesses/diseases, and partner with them in the joys of seeing them grow and change within their family constructs.  I am blessed to work for a great organization and have a superb staff.
Yet…for the last several years, I have seen and experienced significant headwinds of change coming in the landscape of medical practice realities that are occurring amidst a constant swell of changing insurance restrictions and new government requirements.  Specifically, there is a rising tide of formidable barriers that continue to place a strain on the current reality of enjoying a valued doctor-patient relationship in a professional and trusted manner.   This struggle is palpable and applies to all Americans.
With high-deductible plans, high costs of healthcare delivery, even greater patient numbers coming and busier schedules of both doctors and patients — there needs to be a practical solution to a growing challenge.
With high-deductible plans, high costs of healthcare delivery, even greater patient numbers coming and busier schedules of both doctors and patients — there needs to be a practical solution to a growing challenge:   HOW to have meaningful and enhanced communication to the parties involved: both doctors and patients.  With these issues in mind, I began a journey to come up with a solution.  A simple, convenient, and one-to-one solution for everyone who wants to participate.  I pursued a solution that could be practical for all doctors and patients.
In response to these changes, my team members and I have been on a three year journey to create a home-grown innovative solution that works.  It works within peoples’ busy lives and works within the infrastructure that is at play today.  Thankfully, God has provided wonderfully talented people to mentor me and share the hope and vision of this venture’s potential.
So…what is the e-Consult My Doctor ® smartphone app?
  • A communication management tool that satisfies government privacy laws and lets patients and doctors connect for fee-based consultations — augmenting/supplementing traditional healthcare delivery.
    • Principle:  time saved via intentional service delivery is wonderful — especially when it comes from your trusted sources.  Extra efforts should yield direct reimbursement.
  • Today’s digital technology solutions: text-messaging and email are handy but are NOT HIPAA-compliant.  Our solution uniquely solves this problem.
    • Principle: our  secure solution will be incredibly valuable to those who want it most: volitional patients and doctors in trusted relationships.
  • Every doctor can be a concierge doctor if they desire.  Every one of their established patients can benefit from the personalized service delivery…
For Doctors:  a smartphone app which enables an e-consulting platform to target concierge health delivery on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Doctors can have complete control of their availability, fees, and terms of engagement.  There are other additional tools available …
For Patients:   a convenient smartphone app that makes your life simpler and better organized.  Our app will help you manage your health information (and your family) and lets you engage in private interactions with your doctor(s) in an enhanced and secure manner.

What it is not:

  • Replacement to traditional healthcare delivery — but it will augment it substantially!
  • Replacement to sound judgment:  It is not designed for emergency situations.   Individual doctors will have to train & remind their patients to utilize the special access for the correct purposes.  For emergency issues, patients need to be seen face-to-face in the appropriately equipped facility (e.g., an emergency department).
e-Consult My Doctor removes many of the barriers that stand between patients and doctors by providing a simple and mutually beneficial path for augmenting communication … 1:1
So… I encourage you to consider trying it!   It is intended for any person who desires a tool that will enable him to have selective productivity and the freedom to enjoy enhanced communications Pt:Dr within a secure smartphone app.
Please SIGN UP  up with your email to receive more information.  The market delivery date is Q4 2013 — before 2014 begins.
In late 2013 and beyond, the only question remaining will be:
Does your doctor participate in private, personalized 1:1 e-Consultations? 
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